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What is meditation?

Meditation can be defined as silent single pointed focused concentration on one thought of concentration either internally or externally to the exclusion of all other thoughts. Examples of an internal focus are the breath, heart, or a particular thought. An external focus may be the flame of a candle, a flower or a picture.

Why meditate to create peace, can’t I just be a peaceful person and do peaceful things?

Peace begins with our thoughts. If all our thoughts are peaceful all the time then we can truly state we are at peace, but if one thought is angry, hateful, annoyed or disdainful or otherwise at peace then we have work to do. Creating a internal peacefully state of mind all the time in each individual is the only way to create a truly peaceful world. Creating peace is an ongoing process that requires constant daily awareness in every moment until it’s just the way you are.

I’ve never meditated before. It seems like a lot of effort for just one minute of peace time to be created?

Have a look at the Peace Now Meditation, as it’s very simple and once you have done it a few times it becomes second nature. Yes it will take effort, but the rewards are well worth it as meditation has proven positive health results that can be found here as well as creating peace.

What if I follow a particular religion or already have a meditation practice, can I still use

Yes you can. embraces all religions and meditation practices as long as the peacemaker is practising a silent meditation focused on creating peace, then adding that time to the Clock is perfect.

Who owns is owned and serviced by Andrew Cassani. Andrew has been a practising meditator for over 25 years and has experienced the benefits of his practice in all aspects of his life. He has used many of the principles of meditation in his professional capacity within the caring profession during this time. Andrew hopes to develop into a useful tool for humanity to achieve world peace.