peacetime clock

Press Release

Imagine one million minutes (Omm) of peace. What would it look like? What would it feel like? How would we know it exists?

The meditation timer at is the answer.

The minutes recorded on the timer are added to a rolling total indicating how many world minutes of peace is generated.

The timer records every minute of silent peace generating meditation created by people when they use the clock when meditating. People can use the one minute meditation (Omm) or any silent peace generating meditation that includes silence with motionlessness and eyes closed.

Anyone on the planet can do it. One minute or more. Schools, hospitals, governments, religious organisations family’s, sports groups. One minute meditation can be done standing in a park, waiting for the kettle or coffee to finish, waiting for the microwave or when sitting in your car. Any spare minute and you can add to the peace of the world and it will be counted! “Where Peace Counts” or “Make peace count”

Andrew Cassani has devised a simple and ingenious why of capturing peace currently being generated by people all over the planet who are individually adding to a wealth of peace all over the planet. By using the meditation timer every minute of peace will be added to a total that can then be measured in hours days and years of peace. The concept of peace being firstly created in the minds and hearts of each person will be spread the the use of the meditation time.